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Power Washers and Pressure Washing Services in Calgary

"Grime Blasters" is a Calgary based power washing company that offers a hot high pressure washing and cleaning experience which is unparalleled in the industry.  Our state of the art power washing equipment and staff is committed to restoring the original sparkle to your home or project.  Our mission statement is to bring "Transformation beyond Expectation".  Our professional power washers will rejuvenate your recreational vehicle (RVs), off road vehicles, ATVs, quads, construction equipment, truck fleets, and store or warehouse fronts.  A crisp clean look promotes the image of success.

We offer home exterior pressure washing and cleaning services that will take years off of the look of your home. We clean siding, decks, fences, garage floors, sidewalks, storm gutters and more. If you are looking to sell your home and want to invest a little money to up your wow value, then take advantage of our grime blasting pressure washing service.  Recently, we added house interior cleaning (one time, bi-weekly, or monthly), spring cleaning, party & event cleaning, packing & unpacking services, labeling boxes, moving, storage services, move-in, move-out cleaning, mold remediation, odor control and water damage services.

Most assume that vinyl siding and stucco is forever, however, dirt and airborne contaminants bake right into vinyl siding and other types coating and can bring about irreversible damage which shortens the life of the covering.  Periodically power washing away harmful stuck on moss, mold, mud, leaves, or air born contaminants prolongs the life of the finishes and restores the original brightness. Tests have shown that periodically pressure washing your roof not only makes it look brighter and newer, it also acts like your toothbrush on your teeth, removing the very kinds of things that, when left alone, will eat away at your roof coverings.

Have your fence, garage, brick walls, or other outdoor surfaces been attacked by vandals? Do you have graffiti marring the look of your property? We can help. People have been saved hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars by not having to repaint or replace materials. How? You guessed it the power of pressure washing to the rescue once more.

Residential Pressure Washing

Grime Blasters provides quality residential power washing of siding, roofing, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, windows, storm gutters, decks, patios, and garages, oil stains removal from concrete pads, garage floors.  Paint stripping is also available for decks, patios, railings.  We also do (1-time or scheduled) house cleaning, window cleaning, disaster restoration services, move-in, move-out cleaning, moves, post-construction cleaning.

Retail High Pressure Cleaning

Grime Blasters provides quality cleaning for a variety of different retail needs. Services include thorough cleaning of storefronts, awnings, business signs, sidewalks, oil stained parking lots, retaining walls, dumpsters and pads, graffiti and /or paint removal is also available from buildings, fences, and concrete walls. Additionally, we offer shopping cart cleaning and sterilization services.  A clean crisp look projects the image success and attracts customers.  We guarantee satisfaction!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Grime Blasters provides quality outer & inner cleaning for commercial buildings, warehouses, camps, and condos, shops, parkades, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, retaining walls, construction or oilfield equipment, engines, radiators, fleet buses, taxis, vans, tractors, rail cars, and C-trains. Paint and/or graffiti removal is also available for buildings, fences, concrete, and parking lots, including post-construction cleanup.

Clean, Professional, Successful presentation!

Our Commitment: To replace dull and drab,  with bright and cheery ! ! !

Responsive and Friendly

We will make your project a priority, we will show up promptly, we will work diligently, we will listen attentively, and we will exercise care and attention to your job and deliver "Transformation beyond Expectation".

Pressure Washing Prices

We have competitive prices that will ensure that your job will be completed within a reasonable budget. Check out examples of our great pricing packages below, call us for an estimate on your project!

Standard Rate


    Equipment / Monuments
    Commercial Projects
    Sidewalks / Fencing
    Soiled Garage Pads
    Truck / Bus Fleets
    Graffiti Removal
    Garbage Bins
    Bus Shelters

1-Story Home

$190 Average Size Home

    Siding, Windows
    Decks, Sidewalks

    Storm Gutters
    Garage Floors

2 Story Home

$290 Average Size Home

    Siding, Windows
    Decks, Sidewalks

    Storm Gutters
    Garage Floors


Reduce Your Fee We care for you! Restore a new look!

    Senior Citizen 15% Off
    War Veterans 15% Off
    Referral Fee 15% of job
    First house on the block
    To hire us 10% off

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Company Details

  • Our Equipment
    Hot (to 200/93 deg F/C) or Cold pressure washing equipment; High Pressure (4000 PSI, High Volume where required);

  • Examples of What We Clean
    Fleet cleaning, Bobcats, Dozers, Commercial vehicles, Buses, Taxis, Vans, Highway Tractors, Industrial Plants, Railcar cleaning, Sea Can containers

  • Surfaces We Clean
    Metal, Aluminum, Chromium, Vinyl siding, Precast, Concrete, Bricks, Stone, Masonry, Stucco, Wood

  • Cleaners
    Class 1 Legacy Cleaner (powerful non-acid cleaner), Eco-friendly soaps, Degreasers, Mold & Mildew Cleaners

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